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Aaron Criswell

Aaron Criswell is not just the founder of; he is the driving force behind our mission to revolutionize baseball practice in Las Cruces. As a proud father of four and a resident of Las Cruces since 2016, Aaron's journey in the world of youth baseball began with his oldest child's transition into competitive play.

With a keen eye for innovation and a heart deeply invested in the sport, Aaron identified a crucial need in youth baseball training: access to professional-grade pitching equipment. This led to the inception of His firsthand experience as a parent and his understanding of the challenges faced by young athletes have shaped our service model.

Aaron's role extends beyond the operational oversight of the business. He is actively involved in community outreach, ensuring that local teams are aware of and can benefit from our state-of-the-art "Hack Attack" pitching machine. His dedication to improving the quality of baseball practice for young players is the cornerstone of our business.

Aaron's vision for is simple yet profound: to provide accessible, top-tier training tools that can transform the practice experience for youth teams. His leadership not only guides our business strategy but also inspires a shared passion for the sport within our team and the community we serve.


Hello! I'm Aaron Criswell, a devoted father of four incredible children and a resident of Las Cruces since 2016. My journey into the world of baseball training began with my oldest child, who is now 13 and on the cusp of high school baseball. Recognizing his need for advanced training, especially in mastering the challenging curveball, I took a significant step.

I invested in the "Hack Attack" pitching machine, renowned for its precision and versatility. This machine allowed me to pitch countless curveballs, significantly enhancing my son's batting skills. It was a game-changer, not just for him but for our approach to baseball practice.

Being deeply involved in the Las Cruces Youth Baseball Association, I've seen firsthand the gap between practice pitches and real-game scenarios. This realization sparked an idea - why not make this advanced training accessible to more young athletes?

That's how was born. My mission is simple: to bring professional-level pitching practice to young players across Las Cruces. With our service, players get to experience and practice hitting pitches that mimic real game situations, providing an invaluable edge in their development.

I'm thrilled to share this technology with other aspiring players and teams. Seeing other kids benefit from the same advanced training as my son, right at their practice field, is incredibly fulfilling. At, we're not just renting out equipment; we're elevating the standard of youth baseball training in Las Cruces.

Let's help our young athletes reach their full potential, one pitch at a time!


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