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Frequently Asked Questions at


1. What is is a specialized service providing rental of high-quality "Hack Attack" pitching machines for baseball teams and individuals in Las Cruces, New Mexico.


2. How does renting a pitching machine improve baseball practice?

Renting a pitching machine like the "Hack Attack" allows for consistent, precise pitches, enabling players to practice hitting various types of pitches and improve their batting skills effectively.


3. Who can benefit from your pitching machine rental service?

Our service is ideal for baseball teams of all age groups, coaches, schools, and parents of young baseball players looking to enhance their children's training.


4. What areas do you serve?

We primarily serve the Las Cruces area. For requests outside this region, please contact us for more information.


5. How do I book a pitching machine?

Booking is easy! Visit our Booking page, select your desired package and date, and complete the booking process online.


6. What are the rental package options?

We offer various packages such as the Rookie, All-Star, and MVP packages, catering to different skill levels and practice needs.


7. How much does it cost to rent a pitching machine?

Prices vary based on the package. Our Rookie Package starts at $90. Please visit our Services page for detailed pricing.


8. Is there a deposit required for renting?

Yes, a refundable security deposit is required. The amount will be specified during the booking process.


9. Can the pitching machine be used by younger players?

Absolutely! The "Hack Attack" machine is adjustable, making it suitable for younger players and various skill levels.


10. Are there any safety concerns with using the pitching machine?

Safety is our top priority. The machine should be operated by an adult or under adult supervision, and we provide safety guidelines with each rental.


11. How long is a typical rental period?

Rental periods vary by package, ranging from 1.5 hours to 3 hours, including setup and breakdown time.


12. Can we rent the machine for an entire day?

Yes, day-long rentals are available. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


13. What type of pitches can the "Hack Attack" machine throw?

The machine can throw fastballs, curveballs, sliders, and more, with adjustable speeds to match the player's skill level.


14. Do you offer any training or assistance during the rental?

Our team provides a brief tutorial on using the machine, and technical support is available throughout the rental period.

15. Is it possible to cancel or reschedule a booking?

Yes, bookings can be canceled or rescheduled. Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.

16. Do you offer any discounts for repeat customers or multiple bookings?

Yes, we offer discounts for repeat customers and multiple bookings. Contact us for more information.

17. How is the pitching machine powered?

The machine is powered by electricity. For locations without power access, we provide a generator as part of the rental.

18. What if the machine malfunctions during a session?

In the rare event of a malfunction, our team will provide immediate assistance or offer a replacement machine if available.

19. Is it necessary to have prior experience in operating a pitching machine?

No, prior experience isn't necessary. Our team will handle the setup and provide operating instructions.

20. How can I contact you for more information?

You can contact us via the Contact page on our website, or call us directly at the number listed on our site.

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